PTA (Promotion de Techniques Avancees) designed and supplies technical products for the industry for more than 30 years.

When this company moved to Lognes she acquires HYDROPNEU TECHNOLOGIC but the trade name HYDROPNEU TECHNOLOGIC was kept.

PTA continue its initial activity in mechanical field but has also develop trade activities in specific high demanding products.

We supply a specific lubricant used in automotive, aerospace, industrial marine industry including railway activity and transportation :

  • HT96+ lubricant (grease / spray/ liquid)
  • Cleaner for carburettor engine valve
  • Powerful lubricant eliminating corrosion
  • Depollution of inlet air circuit engine
  • Lubricant for wheel on train and railways

Aérodrome de Lognes - 77185 LOGNES - FRANCE - Tél : +33 160 17 87 50 - Fax : +33 1 60 17 87 35 - email :

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